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Adolescent and Youth,
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« Ma Vie, Mon Choix » is an application designed to educate and facilitate both the young and the curious about responsible sexuality and gender issues. « Ma Vie, Mon Choix » aims to provide young people with information important and comprehensive health information including sexual and reproductive health by making them easily accessible with just a few clicks, on the phone. Easy to use, this application includes cartoon characters, stories written by young people themselves through videos, quizzes, games and interactive discussions with experts.

« QG Jeune » is a comprehensive platform that offers a range of information and services related to Adolescent and Youth, Sexual Reproductive Health and Right (AYSRHR).  It’s a real source of information and training adolescents and young people on several tools: quizzes, directory of centres, models, mini encyclopedia, AYSRHR courses, tips and tricks, videos, interactive messaging, newsletter, opportunities for young people.

« Frisky » app gives you accurate sexual & reproductive health information with a unique feature that enables you to assess your sexual health risk. What else can you do with Frisky? 

1. Know your bodi 

2. Check your bodi, 

3. Yarn with us

The « eCentre Convivial » application is a mobile and web application in e-health initiated by the Association of Volunteers for the Promotion of Young People (AV-Jeunes).  The purpose of the “eCentre Convivial” application is to promote access of adolescents, young people, women and vulnerable populations to reproductive health information and health care services.  It offers adapted services in sex education with 12 downloadable modules in PDF and audio version (French, Ewe and Kabyè).

« YMK » meaning You Must Know is a brand of the Ghana National Adolescent Health and Development Program with a newsletter and an app to inform young people and Adolescents.

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Adolescent and Youth, Sexual ReproductiveHealth and Right (AYSRHR)